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What Vetstar Clients think about their product and service...

For 20 years (1970’s to the 1990’s), I was the Data Processing Manager for a manufacturer in New York. Automation of our business began with Data General Nova 3 and when I left in 1994, we were running our business on an IBM AS400. Through all generations of computer hardware, we used IBM MAPICS as our business software. I worked closely with IBM and with an IBM business partner. I started my current position as Practice Manager at the Equine Medical Center of Ocala in February 2003. Thus began my relationship with Advance Technology Corporation. ATC’s business software, Vetstar, was not familiar to our staff or to me. I knew early on that reliable support from ATC would be critical. From my first conversation with ATC, I was confident that we were in good hands and that remains true 8 years later. The challenges presented from the early days to today (training, explaining, debugging, upgrades, modifications due to some changes in our business, etc.) have been handled professionally and proficiently. As with IBM at my former company, I consider ATC a business partner of EMCO. We are fortunate to be associated with a company that listens to the changes and challenges of our business and works with us to develop solutions that continue to give us a return on our investment in Vetstar.

Ms. Mary Ellen Klein, Equine Medical Center of Ocala, Ocala, FL

I clearly remember the decision making process when I computerized my practice about 10 years ago. Different companies were competing for our business citing the size of their companies, the number of users, and all their various features. What struck me about Vetstar was their willingness to listen to suggestions (which were later added to future upgrades), to tailor their system to my needs, and especially, their personalized approach.

Dr. Paul Sedlacek, Animal Hospital of Morris Plains, New Jersey

We were one of the first hospitals to start using Vetstar. We have been using it since April, 1990. Our space is very limited and without Vetstar I’m sure we would be forced to add a room and add personnel.
It pays for itself every day.

Dr. James T. Wells, North Haven Animal Hospital, North Haven, Connecticut

We have been using the Vetstar program since 1995 and have been paperless since that time. We have been extremely impressed with the customer service. Vetstar has been very responsive to our needs, and have modified the program many times with improvements that we have requested. When we have had computer problems they have even assisted us on weekends. The program has more options and flexibility than any other veterinary management software we analyzed.
We use this computer system as a backbone for our hospital management system and it has allowed us to stay more organized and efficient than our competition.

Dr. Joel Murphy, Animal

What VADDS Clients think about their product and service...

I have been working directly with the VADDS support staff and programmers…refining the system for a custom fit for our veterinary diagnostic laboratory. It has been a great experience with unlimited and timely help. Staff and programmer availability is incredible and there is always someone who will handle requests and questions ranging from simple system changes to rethinking and reorganizing complicated programming issues. The staff and programmers are extremely knowledgeable, personable and very flexible, considering our needs first. They really understand the needs of medical professionals and are extremely helpful in designing and implementing exactly what you need in a management system.”

Ramona Skirpstunas, DVM, PhD, DACVP, Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

We just celebrated our 4 year anniversary with the VADDS…Like many users, VADDS ushered in a new era for our reference laboratory. Mired in an old inhouse system since the start of our lab service, our clients responded favorably when they saw the new professionalism demonstrated in our reporting when we went live with the system. Our lab staff also met with an immediate satisfaction when they learned of all the abilities of the new system…Lab efficiency was increased dramatically and the new LIS was very easy to learn…ATC staff support is excellent. We look upon them as an extension of our own lab staff. They are knowledgeable of our lab service and can understand and anticipate our needs. Needless to say, our choice of using VADDS was one the most important business decisions for our lab service in recent years and it has continued to only be a positive experience.

Carolyn Cray, Ph.D., University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

The Animal Health Laboratory(AHL) has been using the VADDS program since 2010. It has met all of our needs in many aspects, including price. We have been extremely impressed with the quality and timeliness of the customer service. The VADDs management team is always courteous, professional and knowledgeable. Advanced Technology has been very responsive to our needs, and have modified the program with improvements that we have requested. The program has more options and flexibility than any other LIMS software we analyzed.

Dr Grant Spearman, Veterinary Pathologist, AHL Supervisor, Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture