WElcome AAVLD attendees!

NEW VADDS Messenger for Quick & Easy NAHLN Messaging!

Advanced Technology Corp. is excited to announce that the VADDS Messenger dashboard is now available! The VADDS Messenger makes NALHN messaging configuration easier than ever before, helping labs in 24 US States interface with NAHLN all in one place.

Say goodbye to frustrating, confusing and tedious HL7 Messaging! That's right, the VADDS Messenger uses a simple JSON format for sending instead of complex HL7 messaging. 

The VADDS Messenger is LIMS independent and can work with any Laboratory Information System that allows for outbound communication. 

For additional questions please email nahlnMessaging@vetstar.com  to learn how VADDS Messenger can work for you!

Additional Features Include:

-Easy to read dashboard for reviewing the success and failure of messages sent

-Immediate feedback via email as to successful or failed uploads to NAHLN

-Three levels of messaging evaluation for errors with meaningful and intuitive errors messages

-Ability to handle multiple OID’s in a single message

-Free trial account (25 message trial limit)

VADDS - the world’s number one veterinary specific LIMS