Increase Upload Accuracy with MIDAS

The MIDAS software is developed and maintained by Advanced Technology Corp. The MIDAS application is currently sold in conjunction with the Vetstar and VADDS applications for instrument and third party data interfacing.

At present, this product is used to interface over 60 instruments and data sources. New instruments are typically added on a monthly basis as the need arises.

Once installed and configured, the MIDAS Interface runs in the background and automatically spools a directory for specific image and result files. This directory can be any location on the primary server or another location accessible to the MIDAS application.

When image or data files are located, they are automatically 'picked up' by the MIDAS application, attached to the appropriate patient/case within the Vetstar/VADDS application and stored in a separate directory.

ATC staff works closely with your team to implement the image/data interface based upon your specific set up and appropriate directory structure for the images or files to be saved and stored.

Please contact us today to find out how MIDAS can help increase your businesses data upload efficiency!