Cloud Hosting


What is a Private Cloud & Why You Should Care

Cloud computing allows you to access an application, such as a HIMS or LIMS from anywhere in the world. Advanced Technology Corp. is proud to offer Private Cloud options to our clients. 

An enterprise level organization must seriously consider the ramifications of private cloud when looking to use cloud services. This distinction has everything to do with maintaining the ability to control your own destiny. 

For the Practice Owner / Lab Director

Typically, cloud software is a one size fits all solution for a business need. You are able to customize various options and modules. However, upgrades are rolled out across all clients at once. Your data exists within a huge database for all users of the cloud. Basically, you are able to realize cost savings by being one of many clients on a cloud system. However, you have little to no institutional control of your data or your application.  

For the IT Professional

 ATC's private cloud offering is very different from the typical cloud model. Although we will have multiple clients on a single virtual server, each client has a separate database and application instance. This means that clients are upgraded individually based upon a day and time that they determine. Similarly, their application and database can be downloaded upon request. We also offer an exclusive private cloud environment whereby a client is setup with their own virtual server. In the exclusive private cloud, administrative rights and access to the virtual server can be granted to the client as needed.